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Shamo (軍鶏, or fightingcock) is a Japanese action manga with a dark theme. It was discontinued in Weekly Manga Action due to creative differences but it is now being serialized in Evening. It tells a story of a boy who killed his parents and turned himself into a cold-blooded martial artist. The manga inspired a Hong Kong film adaptation that was released in 2007. After a long hiatus Shamo returned in the pages of Evening Magazine on the 27th July 2011. The first volume was published in 1998.

Shamo is significantly different from other seinen manga in that the protagonist is, instead of a benevolent hero or even a morally ambiguous anti-hero, an unrepentant and often unsympathetic criminal. Throughout the manga Ryo Narushima is depicted as being unrepentant for the murder of his parents and is shown committing crimes such as assault and rape. Though capable of redemption (as evidenced by his care-taking of his sister and various small charitable acts shown throughout the manga) ultimately Narushima is a Byronic hero spiraling into darkness, his chances at reform slowly diminishing as he gives in to more and more of his depraved, brutal, and sometimes sadistic tendencies.