Ryo Narushima
Origin Japan
Debut Chapter 1: This Place in the Mist
Gender Male
Age 23 (approximately)
Status Deceased
Fighting style Banryukai Karate (Kenji's), Gosaku's grappling, chi manipulaton.
Family Natsumi Narushima (Sister)
Kenji Kurokawa (Master)

Ryo Narushima (成嶋 亮, Narushima Ryō) is the main character of the manga Shamo. As a child he was considered a genius, until one day he snapped and stabbed his parents to death. After being sent to juvenile prison, he learns karate to defend himself.


Ryo Narushima's personality changes a lot through out the manga. At the beginning he starts as a some what innocent 16 year old stuck in a prison filled with sadistic inmates that take pleasure in beating and raping him. After going through this he finally decides to fight back against his abusers and (to the immense surprise of everyone in the room) bites down while the leader of the abusers is forcing him into oral sex. The Karate instructor Kenji Kurokawa focuses on him in the mandatory Karate classes stating that his fist is either possessed by a god or a demon. After this encounter Ryo shows an extreme amount of devotion in his training. He embraces the mentality of kill or be killed and is not above using cheap attacks or black mail to win a fight.

Ryo Narushima is consistently depicted as being unrepentant for the murder of his parents and is shown repeatedly committing morally repugnant crimes such as assault and rape. Though capable of redemption (as evidenced by his care-taking of his sister and various small charitable acts shown throughout the manga) ultimately Narushima is depicted as a Byronic hero spiraling into darkness, his chances at reform slowly ebbing away as he gives in to more and more of his depraved and brutal tendencies.


History Edit


Not much is known about Ryo before the story starts. What we know is that he was a very good student and is said most likely not have had any trouble getting into Tokyo University if he had pursued it.

The reformatoryEdit

The story starts with Ryo killing his parents. He is then sent to Ajisaki, a prison for minors that have committed heinous crimes. He soon becomes the subject of abuse.


Chi Manipulation (during Black Monkey Arc) - While living in China, Ryu learns the Chi Manipulation art from an old master, presumably of Tai-Chi origin. Unfortunately, this Arc is confirmed to be half-noncanon, thus far Ryu doesn't use the art after the Arc ends.

Extreme Will-Power - Ryu have shown the will to not let himself die and will do anything to win a fight.

High level of intellect - Since the beginning of the manga, Ryu is being called a "could be genius". It can also be seen as he could adapt to almost any situation he's got into.

Musically gifted - Ryu could play sounds he's heard even for one time only. He was also noted to be able to play the violin. Which in turn gave him the ability to play Yan's erhu, which is more commonly known as the Chinese violin in the Western world.

Outstanding speed and reaction time - Ryu could easily dodge punches and hits even from his master Kurogawa.

Talented grappler - Ryo was able to surpass Gosaku in limited time before Grand Cross, much to Gosaku's surprise. Ryo's speed made him on expert level when it came time for his match with Toma.

Talented martial artist - Ryu have trained his Karate to a level of which he could beat almost anyone in a fight.

Tenacity - Ryo has a intimidating feral style that he created with Kenji's karate as a base. Ryo makes up for his lack of exceptional physical strength by combining illegal jabs, throws, and grabs that terrorize most all of his opponents in some way.


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